Make the change you want today!

It is much simpler than you think.

Raquel Patinio


I used to face change with fear, fear of not knowing how to deal with it, not having the necessary tools. Nowadays when somebody says ‘change’, I ask ‘when’. I did the necessary training and courses and I learned how to deal with it. I feel confident enough making changes to achieve my dreams. One lesson learned: control your emotions, don't judge and plan your resources (especially the financial). If there is one thing I regret, it is not having made changes sooner in life.

Veronica Ferrano

Directora de Rafiki-Africa en Uganda

El cambio forma parte de la vida y el miedo forma parte del cambio. Pero creo que si uno siente miedo es porque está a punto de tomar una decisión arriesgada, de lanzarse a lo desconocido; el miedo es natural, es un mecanismo de defensa y tienes que elegir, o te quedas paralizado o te lanzas. Y créanme, no hay mayor fracaso en la vida que no haberse atrevido a hacer lo que realmente te hace feliz. Uno de los primeros pasos que hay que dar – y el más importante a mi entender – es identificar qué queremos cambiar y por qué. Luego viene el “cómo”, es la fase de organización: que actividades debo llevar a cabo para alcanzar ese objetivo, analizar alternativas y sus consecuencias. Nunca hay que olvidar el objetivo, así se llega al éxito. Creo que el fracaso no existe, todo forma parte del aprendizaje y crecimiento personal.

Isabel Gonzalez

CEO Klaud9

Change is to move forward and grow. The major challenge is to be open minded to see on time when things don’t work out and be flexible enough to change direction. What keeps me moving forward is reviewing actions, correcting mistakes and persistence. A lot of persistence. You have to be patient with change and don’t give up. If you depend on others, it is essential that you get the right people on board and manage resistance and commitment.

Anthony Stocken

Change Manager Adevinta

The biggest challenge when leading a transformation in organizations is to address the resistance to change. It is a natural reaction, as people feel you trespass their comfort zone. The way to deal with that is to involve the stakeholders upfront, communicate, explain the methodology, guide them to understand the benefits and show them results. Quick Wins is a good strategy to show results. I take pride in my work because I love working with people and change is always about people. It is about helping others do things and achieve goals that matter.

Carmen Rosa Machado

Entrepreneur - Influencer

The biggest challenge to change is to get out of your comfort zone. I was comfortable with my life but I knew I wanted to do more, start something new and push myself. So, I took many online courses led by my role models. I read a LOT about all aspects of this business. I sat with my husband and my children and shared my goal because there is no way you can pursue a dream alone without the support of your loved ones. There are 3 main lessons about succeeding with your dreams in life: have a clear and well established goal; do what you are passionate about; it is never too late to make a change. It is amazing how after so many years I finally followed my passion to help others achieve a better life and I am enjoying every moment of it.

Dreading change?


I have been where you are. If you are feeling stuck or not sure how to make a change you want, I can help you with that. My passion is helping people change what matters to them – whether that’s in business or life.

I am a change manager, a data analyst and a motivational coach, all rolled into one. I have a knack for breaking down big issues into small manageable steps, making complicated things simple, translating strategy into action and understanding data. 


Change is not easy, but complex issues can be simplified. That’s one of my specialties. You have to be sure you want to change, not just wish for it or feel it has been forced upon you. My expert coaching and guidance will give you the tools to make things happen for yourself, so that you are the one in control.

Roll up your sleeves. Successful people act. They don’t get paralyzed by fear, doubt or overthinking. I will guide you to discover the actions you need to take to create the change you want – but you will be the one who takes them. I will show you how to measure progress, to mitigate risk and deal with resistance to change, but you will have to put effort into it. And you will be the one who gets the results, benefits and celebrates the success.

You can implement the change that matters to you now. Fast-forward to one year from now – what is going to be different? Why not commit now?


A thought can be game changer. Discover how a bullish attititude, few basic tools and some best practices can help you to achieve your goals, whatever they are. It is much simpler than you think.

Have you been thinking about making a change forever?

Have you been waiting for the right moment? 


Have you been postponing a dream, a goal or an action over and over again? 


I’ve come to believe that procrastination only nurtures regret and makes change harder. 

Here’s some street wisdom…. You don’t have to wait to know every single detail to launch a change journey. You need to know your goal. You can learn the rest pretty fast - to plan and execute - it is not that difficult